Electron Crystallography & Automated Mapping Techniques


The Electron Crystallography & Automated Mapping Techniques Focused Interest Group (ECAMT-FIG) is a community of MSA members with a common interest in crystallography and advanced electron methods for materials characterization. Our goal is to provide a platform for the distribution and discussion of ECAMT-relevant information chosen by the membership. Our activities include the hosting of pre-meeting congresses and symposia during the annual M&M meeting. We also host a luncheon and business meeting during the annual M&M meeting.

Recent activities of ECAMT-FIG include the organization of an exciting one-day Pre-Meeting Congress (PMC) entitled "Exploiting the Diffractive Properties of Electrons for Solving Materials Problems" held Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Columbus, OH, USA preceding the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2016 meeting. This event featured 8 invited speakers covering a comprehensive review of diffraction-based methods for materials analysis, both for transmission electron microscopes and scanning electron microscopes.

  • Introduction to Crystallography and Electron Diffraction, Marc De Graef, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Case Studies Using Electron Diffraction (& by the way, always use convergent beam electron diffraction!), John Mansfield, University of Michigan
  • Introduction to EBSD for Orientation Mapping, Joe Michael, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Tomography and Precession Diffraction for 3D Structural Analysis of Nanocrystals, Ute Kolb, University of Mainz
  • Strain Mapping by HR-EBSD, Ben Britton, Imperial College
  • TEM-based Strain Mapping, Jiong Zhang, Intel Inc
  • Imaging Defects by Diffraction Contrast in the TEM, Michael Mills, Ohio State University
  • Non-destructive Defect Imaging in the SEM, Yoosuf Picard, Carnegie Mellon University

Future activities for ECAMT-FIG include supporting symposia at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017 meeting to be held in St. Louis


FIG-Leader: Alex Eggeman, University of Manchester
Treasurer: Robert Stroud, NanoMEGAS USA

FIG-Leader-Past: Jim Ciston, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Resources — see at bottom of this page
We intend to feature useful resources for the microscopy community in relation to diffraction methods. Currently, we are featuring the slides presented at the recent Pre-Meeting Congress during M&M 2016. Links to PDFs of the slides are provided in the "Resources" section of this website. More educational content will be featured here in the near future.

ECAMT-FIG Business Meeting at M&M 2017
Our FIG business meeting is scheduled during M&M 2017. Day, time and location will be posted later in the year. Please plan to join us for lunch at M&M 2017 and to find out more about upcoming activities and how to participate.

Become a Member

Annual dues are $15 and can be paid at membership renewal or when you join the society. At other times, membership can be made through the MSA Business Office.