Post-Doc Officers

Postdocs and Early-Career Professionals,

Welcome to the Postdoc Subcommittee page, part of the MSA Student Council (StC). This page is dedicated to the postdocs and early-career professionals in the microscopy and spectroscopy community. We aim to gain information from the community on short courses, webinars, and informational sessions that you might find useful, and provide an outlet for bridging the gap between a postdoc and the next professional step. In this way we aim to contribute to the professional growth of postdocs by providing them with the opportunities to network and participate in webinars/ training organized by the post-doc subcommittee.

We work with the MSA StC and PMCx60 organizing committee to host professional development events specifically of interest to the postdoc and early-career community. We strive to provide an enriching and welcoming environment at future MSA StC events, the PMCx60t at M&M, and at the M&M conference.

If you would like to improve the specific aims of the Postdoc Subcommittee, and weigh in on future short courses, please fill out this
informational survey. If you would like additional information, to provide specific guidance, or would like to get involved, we encourage you to reach out to the Subcommittee by email. Thank you and we hope to serve you soon!


The Postdoc Subcommittee Team


Subcommittee Positions

Post-Doc Subcommittee Chair

  • Explore and communicate the diverse post-doc perspective to the PMCx60 planning team to enhance postdoc satisfaction
  • Assist in the planning of the PMCx60
  • Lead the Post-Doc Subcommittee
  • Campaign and coordinate efforts to promote engagement and development for Post-docs

Post-Doc Subcommittee Member

  • Promote MSA and MSA StC to peers
  • Expand the networking opportunities for postdocs
  • Assist with career development for all postdocs

Post-Doc Subcommittee (2023 - 2024)