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LAS Tour Speakers List

Visit our LAS Programs page to learn more about the Tour Speaker Program.

Field: Biology

Field: Biology/LM

  • Dave Piston, Washington University (Email) – Light Microscopy
  • Hari Shrof, NIH, Laboratory of High Resolution and Optical Imaging (Email) – Super Resolution, Light Sheet Microscopy

Field: Materials Science

  • Masashi Watanabe, Lehigh University, Lehigh Microscopy School (Email) – Material Characterization
  • Sheri Singerling, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Email) – Meteorites and Planetary Science
  • Peter Ercius, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Email) – STEM Stomic Electron Tomography
  • Brent Nannenga, Arizona State University (Email) – MicroED, CyroEM
  • Miaofang Chi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Email) – Mass & Electron Transport Behavior at Atomic-Scale, coupling Materials Physics with Local Lattice Strain, Bonding, and Chemistry
  • James Lebeau, MIT (Email) – Quantitative STEM Techniques to determine atomic structure and chemistry of functional oxides, structural alloys, and electronic materials
  • Wenpei Gao, North Carolina State University (Email) – Multi-scale electronic properties of boundaries and interfaces in functional oxides, and developing correlative in situ imaging techniques to study the dynamics of nanostructured catalysts
  • Pinshane Huang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Email) – Using electron microscopy and spectroscopy to design a new generation of flexible electronics and energy harvesting devices
  • Huolin Xin, University of California, Irvine (Email) – AI, TEM and spectroscopy, lithium-ion batteries, in situ X-ray scattering and spectroscopies, electrocatalysts, surface and catalysis, proximal probes and novel-phase 2D materials