In Memoriam: John Hren

November 13, 2023

John Hren, another of our long-time microscopy & microanalysis colleagues passed away on October 24, 2023. John was a pioneer in the field of electron microscopy. He was President of the Microscopy Society of America in 1981, and had numerous undergrad and graduate students both during his time at the University of Florida as well as at North Carolina State. He held a wide range of research interests in common with all of us. Born on December 3, 1933 in Milwaukee, WI, John received a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 1962 from Stanford UNiversity. He co-authored two books and numerous research articles on analytical EM. He considered his many undergraduate and graduate students as his second family. In 1985, John accepted the position of Department Head of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at NC State, where he worked until his retirement in 2011.