Low Temperature EM (LT-EM)


The Low Temperature Electron Microscopy Focused Interest Group (LT-EM FIG) is a community of MSA members focused on the use of cryogenic and variable temperature electron microscopy for materials science research. Traditionally driven by structural biology, the use of cryogenic EM in materials science has increased significantly in the past few years and is now used extensively for the analysis of soft, beam sensitive, nano, quantum, and low-Z energy materials, as well as solid-liquid interfaces in their native hydrated (or solvated) state. Further, technique and instrument development are rapidly progressing for these purposes, including helium cooled and variable temperature EM holders.

The main purpose of the FIG is twofold:

  1. Promote discussion about the successes, opportunities, and challenges of low and variable temperature EM in materials science.
  2. Become a hub/community for the transfer of knowledge about these techniques to other materials science researchers.


FIG Leader: John Watt, Los Alamos National Laboratory
FIG Co-Leader: Michael Zachman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Treasurer: Shalini Tripathi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Become a Member

Annual dues are $15.00 USD and can be paid alongside MSA membership upon joining the society or at time of renewal. See https://www.microscopy.org/ for more information. You may also contact the FIG leader with questions.