Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

Our Purpose

The FIB FIG is a community of MSA members with a common interest in focused ion beam technologies. We provide a platform for the dissemination of FIB-relevant information and sharing ideas and enthusiasm about FIB-relevant information chosen by our members. Our mission is to promote further development of FIB technology and professionals working with multiple charged particle beam systems.

The range across scientific disciplines from materials science to life sciences. Our members have expertise with gallium, plasma and helium ion species. This FIG offers a framework for the critical exchange of ideas in a broad range of microscopy techniques that spans TEM lamella, 3D FIB-tomograms, lithography, nanomachining, segmentation of collected data, and low temperature methods.

What We Do:

Our activities include the hosting of pre-meeting congress every 2 years and “Advances in Focused Ion Beam Technology” symposium at the M&M meeting annually. In addition, we host informal quarterly meetings that are a safe space to ask seemingly ignorant questions, to share triumphs or challenges.

We host a low traffic Slack Channel with the intention of being a great space to exchange ideas, work on community projects, or pose a question. We also maintain the website for education and outreach where everyone can learn more about FIB.


Josh Sugar, Leader, Sandia National Lab
Assel Aitkaliyeva, Leader-elect, University of Florida
KD Derr, Secretary, Thermo Fisher

Interested in learning more?

Join FIB FIG, browse our website, and join our Slack Channel!

  • Join FIB FIG: Annual dues are $15 USD and can be paid alongside MSA membership upon joining the society or at time of renewal. See for more information.
  • Slack Channel- Email KD to Join
  • You may also contact the FIG leader with questions.