Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases


The Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases Focused Interest Group (EMLG-FIG) is a community of MSA members with a common interest in applying electron microscopy to the in-situ study of materials under near-realistic environments, particularly in liquids and gases. Our goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of new ideas/work and to help students/postdocs entering this interesting and challenging field. Our activities include a biennial pre-meeting congress, FIG-sponsored symposia, and a business meeting during the annual M&M meeting.


FIG Leader: Katherine Jungjohann, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
FIG Co-Leader: See Wee Chee, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society
Treasurer: Stephen House, University of Pittsburgh


Online Events Calendar
Check out coming events and activities on our online events calendar. Fill the form here if you would like us to add your event, online symposium etc. to the calendar.

Pre-Meeting Congress at M&M 2022
The EMLG-FIG is organizing Pre-Meeting Congress (PMC) titled "Real-World Data Analytics & Quantitative Liquid and Gas Environmental Electron Microscopy" on 31st Jul 2022 (Sunday) in Portland, OR, USA preceding the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2022 Meeting. Be prepared for an exciting day of invited talks that span topics including assembly/dynamics of biological and materials structures/processes, catalysis, corrosion, electrochemical processes, phase transformations, redox reactions and new approaches in experimental design, data processing, instrumentation, and automation. Registration and the call for abstracts will be available shortly.


EMLG-FIG Business Meeting at M&M 2022
Our FIG business meeting is scheduled during M&M 2022. Date, time, and location will be emailed directly to EMLG FIG members in July. If you are a EMLG FIG member, please plan to join us for lunch at Portland, OR, and to find out more about upcoming activities and how to participate.

Social Media

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Become a Member

Annual dues are $15.00 USD and can be paid alongside MSA membership upon joining the society or at time of renewal. See https://www.microscopy.org/ for more information. You may also contact the FIG leader with questions.

Past Leadership

Founded by Eric Stach in 2011

2012-2014 Judith Yang
2014-2016 Renu Sharma
2016-2018 Raymond Unocic
2018-2020 Huolin Xin
2020-2022 Katherine Jungjohann
2022-2024 See Wee Chee