Technologists' Forum

The mission of the Technologists' Forum is to promote those aspects of microscopy of interest to technologists. The Tech Forum is an MSA Committee with representation on Council by a liaison. Activities and benefits of the Tech Forum are available to all MSA members who wish to join. There is no extra fee to be a member of the Tech Forum. Their booth is part of the MSA Megabooth at the annual M&M meeting.

The Tech Forum is headed by a governing Board consisting of a Chair, vice-chair (selected by the Chair, approved by the Board, succeeds the Chair), and a past-chair; a secretary and booth chair(s) as appointed by the Chair with Board approval; plus optional special program advisors as chosen by the Chair with Board approval. Each term in office, except for special program advisors, is three years.

Some of the activities currently undertaken by the group include:

More information on the Technologists' Forum may be obtained by calling (703) 234-4115 or by sending an email to Association Management.

Ms. Caroline A. Miller
Indiana University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
635 Barnhill Dr
MS 5065
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120