Technologists' Forum

The Technologists' Forum is free to join and provides a community for those who work in a technical field involving microscope sample preparation and imaging or anyone interested in expanding their skills. The Tech Forum is an MSA Committee with representation on Council by a liaison.

The Tech Forum is headed by a governing Board consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair (Incoming Chair), past Chair, and a secretary as appointed by the Chair with Board approval. Subcommittee leaders or special program advisors are also chosen by the Chair with Board approval.  The committee Chair has a three-year term in office. Anyone within the Technologists’ Forum membership can be a member of the Governing Board. Meetings are held quarterly through Zoom. Contact the current Chair for additional information.

Tech Forum Activities:

More information on the Technologists' Forum may be obtained by calling (703) 234-4115 or by sending an email to Association Management.


Page Baluch, PhD
Research Scientist
Arizona State University
(480) 727-0725

Past through Present Technologists' Forum Chairs:

1982-1987 Deborah Clayton
1988-1990 Jose Mascorro
1991-1993 John Basgen
1994-1996 Sandy Silvers
1997-1999 Bev Maleeff
2000-2002 Jeanette Killius
2003-2005 Cathy Johnson
2006-2008 Valerie Woodward
2009-2011 Frank Macaluso
2012-2014 John Chandler
2015-2017 Caroline Miller
2018-2020 Janice Pennington