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Microscopy Today  Innovation Awards



Each year Microscopy Today presents ten awards to organizations or individuals who have launched or published innovations in microscopy or microanalysis. Winning products and methods are selected based on their usefulness to the microscopy community. The entries most likely to win are those that provide better, faster, easier, or entirely new methods of analysis using a microscope or microanalytical instrument.


Entries may come from colleagues or as self-nominations. There are only four questions on the entry form. There is no charge to enter this competition.


Entries will be accepted only for the following: (a) new commercial microscopy-related products that were first marketed in the previous calendar year or (b) new microscopy methods and inventions that were first published in peer-reviewed journals in the previous calendar year. While multiple entries from the same organization are allowed, a single company or individual cannot receive more than one award in a given year. Officers and editors of the Microscopy Society of America and their subcontractors are not eligible.

Previous Winners

Descriptions of winning products and methods are published in the September issue of Microscopy Today. These descriptions can be accessed at no charge: go to, select website, select ‘Article Collections’ from the menu bar.

Entry Forms

Download an entry form here or contact Charles Lyman at The annual deadline for completed forms is March 21 or the following Monday if this day falls on a weekend.

2021 Winners

Delmic BV
METEOR, an integrated cryo-correlative fluorescence light microscope

Bruker Nano GmbH
NanoRacer, the fastest commercially available atomic force microscope

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Lattice Lightsheet 7, fluorescence microscopy for live cell imaging at high spatiotemporal resolution

DENSsolutions BV
CLIMATE, a system for environmental in-situ microscopy

Excelitas Technologies Inc
X-Cite NOVEM, a nine-channel LED illumination system for FLM

EXpressLO-Z™ conducting nanocrystalline diamond grids

Gatan Inc
a hybrid-pixel electron detector fully integrated with Gatan Microscopy Suite® software

Hummingbird Scientific
a system for in-situ high-magnification TEM, SEM, and X-ray microscopy of liquid-electrochemical processes

Thermo Fisher Scientific
an instrument for mm-scale 3D characterization with nm resolution

WITec GmbH
the alpha300 apyron automated Raman microscope