Post-Deadline Posters

The deadline for submitting a post-deadline poster has now passed.
The Call for Papers for M&M 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be posted by December 3, 2019. Mark your calendar!

Click on each paper title to link to the submitted post-deadline paper. All Post-Deadline Papers below will be presented as Posters on Monday, August 5, 2019, from 3-5 PM, in the poster area of the M&M 2019 Exhibit Hall.

Post-deadline papers are not included in the program or proceedings.

Board Number Presenter Name Paper Title
PDP-1 Yingge Du Imaging the Phase Evolution Processes in Brownmillerite-Structured Strontium Ferrite Thin Films
PDP-2 Szu-Chi-Chung A Two-Stage Dimension Reduction Method for Cryo-EM Image Processing
PDP-3 William Hubbard A Strain Map Tensor Rotation and Strain Field Mapping Script for Digital Micrograph
PDP-4 Christopher Russo Patterned Functionalization of Graphene Specimen Supports for CryoEM with a Low-energy Plasma Instrument
PDP-5 Yifei Yuan Revealing the Atomistic Kinetics of Phase Transition from 2D Layers to 1D Tunnels in Transitional Metal Oxides
PDP-6 Christopher Own NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations: First Underwater Spectroscopic Scanning Electron Microscopy
PDP-7 Justin Ondry Using Electron Dose Rate Controlled High Resolution TEM to Study Dislocation Dynamics in Imperfectly Attached CdSe Nanocrystals
PDP-8 Samuel Rogers The Oxidation of 316 Stainless Steel and its Effect on Galling Behaviour
PDP-9 Hirofumi Iijima Development of Cryo High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope Equipped with Cold Field Emission Gun for Structural Biology
PDP-10 Yuzhang Li Cryogenic-Electron Microscopy for Battery Materials
PDP-11 Robert Keyse Useful Technique to Help with 3D Sectioning in the Search for Nanoparticles
PDP-12 Stephen Aro Large Area SEM Imaging in Coatings Research
PDP-13 Harsha Gwalani Simulation of Solute Clusters in Metallic Systems
PDP-14 Kexi Yi 3D Reconstruction of the Yeast Cell Using Array Tomography
PDP-15 Rina Yokoi High-Brightness Bunched Electrons Using a Semiconductor Photocathode and Optimized Acceleration Field
PDP-16 Lina Mizuno Fine Structure of Plasmon Hybridization on Au Nanotriangles via STEM-EELS
PDP-17 Jackson Spurling Characterization of B6Si as an Active Filler for 3D Printing
PDP-18 Anhong Zhou Cytoprotective Effect of Antioxidant on Diesel Exhaust Particles-Induced Lung Cancer Cells Damage Using Raman Spectroscopy
PDP-19 Carley Goodwin A MicroCT Investigation of Dentin Tubules in a Human Upper Molar
PDP-20 Takafumi Ishida Atomic Resolution Imaging with an Electron Bessel Beam in Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-21 Anna Walkiewicz Ultrathin Metal Coatings as a Solution for Successful SEM Imaging of Nano-electrospinning Fibers
PDP-22 Circe Verba Microanalysis of Rare Earth Elements in Coal Prep Fines
PDP-23 Westley Collins Element Peak Shift in WDX
PDP-24 Anthony Fogl Surface Deformation of Plastic and Composite Substrates as a Function of Temperature
PDP-25 Kiminori Toyooka Fluorescence Detection of Fluorescence-labeled Organelles In-resin Section using Antifade Reagents in Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy
PDP-26 Gethin Owen A Minimally Destructive Correlative Tomography Workflow for Characterizing Large Heterogeneous Samples
PDP-27 Jucheol Park Energy Loss Near Edge Structure (ELNES) spectra of High-k Dielectric Thin Films: First-Principles Calculations using the Wien2k
PDP-28 Jeremy Axelrod Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy Using Lasers
PDP-29 Mi-Hyang Sheen "Comparison of Microstructure Evolution in Copper Thin Films Prepared by AC and DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering"
PDP-30 SeHo Kim Nanoparticle Sample Preparation for Atom Probe Tomography: Electroplating Fixation
PDP-31 Melinda Shearer Analyzing Complex Coatings Systems using Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
PDP-32 Casey McKinney High Burnup UO2 Bubble Structure Characterization Utilizing Focused Ion Beam Tomography
PDP-33 Charudatta Phatak "Automated Data Curation for Electron Microscopy using the Materials Data Facility"
PDP-34 Sunah Kwon In-situ STEM Observation of Copper Migration with Graphene as Diffusion Barrier under Bias-Temperature-Stress
PDP-35 Jason Tam UV-based In-situ Cleaning System for the Chamber of Electron Microscope
PDP-36 Hsin-Hung Lin; Wei-Hau Chang Revising the Structure of an Initiating RNA Ppolymerase II at Near 3 Ã… Resolution with Small-tilt Single Particle Cryo-EM
PDP-37 Zuzana Nichtova Transgenic Sarcoplasmic Reticulum-Mitochondria Linker in Mouse Heart
PDP-38 Yu-Chih (Grace) Lo A Lower Image Background Helps the 3D Reconstruction of Small Complexes in NF-kB Activation
PDP-39 Mol Mir Making Data Interactive: 3D EM of Dividing Cells in a Regenerating Planarian
PDP-40 Saiphaneendra Bachu Atomic Structure of Vertical and In-Plane Heterostructures Formed by Two-Dimensional MoS2 and ReS2
PDP-41 Philipp Pelz Phase Retrieval of the Scattering Matrix and Aberration Retrieval from Scanning Diffraction Measurements
PDP-42 Melissa Santala "Measurement of crystallization kinetics in phase change materials using multiple microscopic techniques"
PDP-43 Irene Andreu Interaction Between Cyanobacteria and Microplastics in Suspension by CryoSEM
PDP-44 Naohiko Kawasaki "Direct observation of standing waves formed by waveguide mode in thin Si specimen using STEM-Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy"
PDP-45 Janet Gbur Characterization of Corrosion in Stainless Steel Percutaneous Leads Located Exterior to the Body Using Advanced Imaging Techniques
PDP-46 Steven Goodman Effects of Postnatal Hyperoxia Exposure on Cardiac Muscle Examined with 3D Serial Block Face SEM using Rapid Automated Sample Preparation
PDP-47 Andrew Thron Studying The Oxidation Behaviour of InAlN Thin Films Using Aberration Corrected STEM and EELS
PDP-48 Ellen Lavoie Plant Sample Prep for TEM: the Good vs. the Bad of Chemical Fixations
PDP-49 Andrew Howe The Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC)
PDP-50 Yi Zhang Probing Single Mn atom in doped MoS2 Monolayer
PDP-51 David Bell Three Dimensional SEM Examination of Porous Polymer Membrane Using the ThermoFisher Apreo VolumeScope
PDP-52 Melainia McClain Automated Heavy Metal Tissue Staining for Serial Block Face Imaging with the ASP-1000
PDP-53 Tyler Lewis Histone Variant H2A.Z Nucleosome Incorporation Confers Unique Structural Characteristics of Chromatin
PDP-54 Mengyu Wu Pushing Single-Particle Cryo-EM To The Theoretical Size and Resolution Limits At 200 keV
PDP-55 Fredrik Gustavsson Characterization of Embedded Secondary Phase Carbides in Low-alloyed Martensitic Steels using a Combination of High-resolution Techniques



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