Post-Deadline Posters

The deadline for submitting a post-deadline poster has now passed.
The Call for Papers for M&M 2019 in Portland, Oregon will be posted by December 3, 2018. Mark your calendar!

Click on each paper title to link to the original 2-page paper. All Post-Deadline Papers below will be presented as Posters on Monday, August 6, 2018 from 3-5 PM, in the poster area of the M&M 2018 Exhibit Hall.

Post-deadline papers are not included in the program or proceedings.

Board Number Presenter Name Paper Title
PDP-1 Stephen Aro Atomic Force Microscopyin Coatings Research
PDP-2 Alexandros Banis Effect of Ultrafast Heating on the Microstructure Evolution of a Medium Carbon Chromium Manganese Steel
PDP-3 Benjamin Bedard Microstructures in Gas-Atomized and Cold-Sprayed Al6061 Powder
PDP-4 Jennifer Bourne Exploring Olfactory Bulb Glomeruli with Serial Section Electron Microscopy
PDP-5 Francisco Capani Degenerative Modifications in Synapses and Related Structures Induced by Perinatal Asphyxia: Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Studies
PDP-6 Ki Soo Chang Laser Scanning Confocal Thermo-reflectance Microscope for Sub-surface Thermal Imaging of Semiconductor Devices
PDP-7 See Wee Chee Studying the Interdiffusion of Au and Pd using Nanoparticle Diffusion Couples and Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-8 Ann Chiaramonti Debay Extreme Ultraviolet-Assisted Field Ion Evaporation
PDP-9 Claire Chisholm Mechanical-Environmental-Thermal MEMS Platform for In-Situ Nanoscale Materials Characterization
PDP-10 Lysa Chizmadia STEM-EDS Analysis of Chemical Variation During Asteroidal Aqueous Alteration in the Primitive Meteorite LAP 02342
PDP-11 Chip Cody MALDI Imaging with a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer with a Spiral Geometry and Silver Nanoparticles
PDP-12 Bahareh Deljoo Microstructure of Surface Functionalized Powder for SOFC Cathodes
PDP-13 Michelle Devoe FlowCam® Nano provides counts, sizes and images of nano-and microparticles: Application to a therapeutic protein pumping study.
PDP-14 Sonali Dhindwal Biochemical and Structural Aspects of Endosomal Escape by Porcine Circo Virus 2 (PCV2)
PDP-15 Tony Fearns Host and Pathogen Control of Mycobacterial Localisation in Macrophages
PDP-16 Janet Gbur Characterizing Non-metallic Inclusions in Superelastic Nitinol Fine Wires and Effects on Mechanical Properties
PDP-17 Diana Grishina X-ray Imaging Non-Destructively Identifies Functional 3-Dimensional Nanostructures
PDP-18 Mark Hagmann Scanning Frequency Comb Microscopy—A New Method in Scanning Probe Microscopy
PDP-19 Rodney Herring Young-Fringe Measurements of Amorphous (a)-C, Au + a-C and a-Metal TEM Specimen Stabilities for HRTEM Studies
PDP-20 Rodney Herring Dislocation Core Phase Imaging by DBI
PDP-21 Haw-Tyng Huang Damage-Free Sample Preparation of Carbon Phosphonitride for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-22 Ery Hughes Resolving Problems of EPMA-derived Water Contents of Melt Inclusions
PDP-23 Wolfram Jarisch 3D Tomography - Increased Accuracy and One to Two Orders of Magnitude Accelerated Reconstruction with eHECTOR - the New Extended High Efficiency Computed Tomography with Optimized Recursions
PDP-24 Fu-Hao Ji Ultrafast Nano-diffraction Imaging Applications Using the HiRES Beamline in LBNL
PDP-25 Aaron Johnston-Peck Quantifying the Composition and Size of Bimetallic Clusters
PDP-26 Alison Kriz High-Aspect Ratio Sulfur-MoS2-Carbon Heterostructure Electrode Materials for High-Performance Li-S Batteries: Design and Multiscale Characterization by Advanced Focused Ion and Electron Beam Techniques
PDP-27 Evan Krystofiak Intestinal Glycocalyx and Enterocyte Microvilli Integrate into a Stratified Transcellular Structure Optimized for Size-exclusion Barrier Function and Epithelial Homeostasis
PDP-28 Patricia Kysar An Ultrastructural Observation of White Rot Fungus
PDP-29 Ellen Lavoie The Wound Plug of Caulerpa sp., the Giant Coenocytic Alga, Visualized with an In-situ Hummingbird Liquid Cell TEM Holder
PDP-30 Hansueng Lee Cryogenic Scanning Electron Microscopy: Preparation & Characterization
PDP-31 Hannah Leonard Development of Quasicrystal Morphology in Gas-Atomized Icosahedral-Phase-Strengthened Aluminum Alloy Powders
PDP-32 Jun Liu Identification and Analysis of Reverse-Bias Breakdown Sites in CIGS Solar Cells from Modules to Atoms
PDP-33 Kleyser Agueda Lopez Characterization of Strongly Correlated Ca3(Ru0.95Ti0.5)2O7 Domain Walls using Cryogenic High-Resolution STEM
PDP-34 Yinchuan Lv Defect Characterization in Cubic Boron Arsenide and Boron Phosphide via Aberration-Corrected Low-Voltage STEM
PDP-35 Aissa Manallah Surface Topography Measurement by Confocal Spectral Interferometry
PDP-36 Ria Mitchell Plant-soil Interactions and Weathering within Cryptogamic Ground Covers (CGCs): Applying a Novel Multi-modal and Multi-scale Method via Correlative Imaging and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Microscopy
PDP-37 Shinya Nagashima Atomic-level Observation of Platinum Dissolution and Re-deposition Using Liquid Electrochemical TEM
PDP-38 Samuel Norris Focused Ion Beam Lithography for Novel Nanofabrication Applications
PDP-39 Dong-Bae Park An Analysis of Non-Ferrous Materials (Parts) of Automobiles Using Precision Analysis Equipment
PDP-40 Dianne Poster Electron Microscopy Observation of Paper and Nanomaterials Using the Hitachi SU5000 FE/VP-SEM and the Hitachi HT7800 120kV TEM coupled with HILEM 1000 Ionic Liquid for Sample Preparation
PDP-41 Pavel Potapov Treating Outliers in the Course of Principal Component Analysis of EELS Spectrum-Images
PDP-42 Ivo Rangelow AFMinSEM Based on Active Cantilever with Diamond-tip for Correlative Microscopy, Field-emission Scanning Probe Lithography, EBID and Nanoindentation
PDP-43 Ian Robertson Compressing the Workflow of Infrared Microscopy with Intelligent Automation
PDP-44 Mike Kundmann Open and Extendable Object-Based Model for Microscopy Data
PDP-45 Naidu Seetala Biodegradation of Four Aliphatic Polyesters Studied by Biochemical/Chemical Oxygen Demands and SEM
PDP-46 Robert Spurling Microstructural Evaluation of the Thermal Stability of Inconel 740H Nickel-Based Superalloy
PDP-47 Sriram Vijayan Temperature Calibration of a MEMS-based Heating Holder by Isothermal Sublimation of Silver Nanocubes
PDP-48 Danqi Wang Grain Orientation Mapping of Polycrystalline Organic Molecules by Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) in SEM
PDP-49 Bing Wang Cryo-EM Structural Characterizations of EncB, a Ferritin-like Encapsulin Cargo Protein
PDP-50 Xing Wang Investigating Helium Bubble Formation in NiFex Alloys using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
PDP-51 Robert Williams Correlative Microscopy Examination of a Brake Pad Bonded to Brake Rotor
PDP-52 Shiyou Xu Reducing Ion Beam Damage to Dentin Structure by Metal Staining
PDP-53 Xiao-xiang Yu In-situ Observations on Early Stage Oxidation of NiCr and NiCrMo Alloys
PDP-54 Cheney Zhang Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Micro-Structures From Two-Dimensional Microscopic Images Using Texture Synthesis and Phase Field Method

Post-deadline posters will be accepted between April 2 and June 26, 2018.

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