All M&M 2018 symposia, workshops and official events will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Microscopy Outreach

X90 - Microscopy in the Classroom

Local educators and registered conference attendees are invited to participate in presentations, round table discussions, and demonstrations of effective strategies for microscopy outreach and education from K-12 and post secondary classrooms. This session will show how microscopy in education serves as an important learning tool for inspiring our future STEM professionals. Those involved in microscopy education or educational outreach are encouraged to submit a paper about their successful program or lesson for platform or poster presentation.

X91 - Microscopy Explorations (formerly "Family Affair")

A fun, hands-on session for families and kids of all ages!
Elaine Humphrey, Janet Schwarz, Pat Connelly
The exciting world of microscopy opens up for attendees' family and friends.
This session includes:

X92 - A Project MICRO Workshop

Elaine Humphrey, Caroline Schooley, Janet Schwarz, Pat Connelly


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