July 20, 2018


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Entries for month: April 2017

President's Blog - April 2017

April 27 2017 by Ian M. Anderson
On Earth Day, April 22, my wife Letty and I attended one of the 600+ rallies held worldwide as part of the March for Science. The nearly three-hour rally featured remarks given by 20-30 individuals – scientists, educators, medical professionals, and science enthusiasts – who spoke in support of sustained government support for scientific research and the continuing role of evidence-based science in policy discussions. My most significant take-away from this event is that we scientists need to better communicate the work that we do to ordinary people.


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President's Blog - March 2017

April 27 2017 by Ian M. Anderson
My “March” blog post comes to you well into April - my bad! However, my tardiness provides a good setup for the subject of my March post, which is to acknowledge the enormous effort of a large cross section of Society leaders and volunteers during this month, and more generally the first quarter of the calendar year. Before I get to this, let me take this opportunity to encourage each MSA member to find a way to get involved in the Society’s activities and mission. Feel free to contact me directly and suggest an activity that you believe would be beneficial to the Society, or I’ll work with you to identify a role on one of our many active committees.


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